Mind Mapping!

A mind map is a diagram used to visually outline information. A mind map is often created around a single word placed in the centre, around which associated ideas, words and concepts are added. They are used for brainstorming and are similar to spider-diagrams. Back in the day they used to be drawn into copies or on the black/white board.

So, not content with an auld shhhtick a chalk, they’ve (the ICT gods) come up with lots of mind mapping tools for us to use on our PC’s, laptops, tablets and smartphones! Here are the details of some, there are loads!!

  1. bubbl.us –  https://bubbl.us/
  2. mind mup – http://www.mindmup.com/#m:new
  3. popplet – http://popplet.com/
  4. coggle – https://coggle.it/
  5. wisemapping – http://www.wisemapping.com/

A lot of these mind mapping tools are very similar. You set up a mind map on the screen which can then be saved as an image/jpeg.

The following link is to another blog which has numerous detailed examples of how these tools work and what they look like when completed: http://5j2014msodwyer.wordpress.com/tag/mind-map/



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