If at 1st you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again!! There’s a song in that!! http://youtu.be/xcIvIladNnQ

So my blog a day didn’t really work but I believe in the phrase ‘quality not quantity’!!

To pick up where I left off…..Web 2.0!

Our second lecture brought with it our introduction to blogging, hurrah! In all seriousness, blogs are an excellent way of interacting online in a quick and easy way. A blog (for those of you who don’t know) is a form of online diary or journal that records entries in reverse chronological order. Many different people chose to write blobs and for many different reasons including, personal, professional and educational.

Blogs can be used to great effect in education. A school can set up their own blog which can be a very interactive way of communicating everything that’s happening in the school. Teachers and departments within a school can also use blogs very effectively for sharing resources and continuous professional development. http://loretonavanenglish.blogspot.ie/

Another form of blogging for educational purposes could involve setting up a class blog where students would contribute their work to the blog. Some examples of student participation can be seen at the following link https://chapterbychapter.21classes.com/

There are many different blogging platforms you can use to set up your blog. Some of the most popular ones include:

  • blogger
  • tumblr
  • wordpress

We opted to set up a wordpress blog as it is very easy to use. With this blogging platform you can either just use it by going to the website or you can download it. On this blog you can have posts and there are also pages. Widgets are additional add ons to your page that can be things such as a calendar or a count down timer to a specific date. it can be a link to your facebook or twitter page. With wordpress you can have multiple users with different levels of access. WordPress allows you to upload images, videos and links to websites very easily.

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