What is WEB 2.0?

I figured that the best place to start with my ‘blog a day’ plan is at the very beginning! There’s a song in that! So looking back to our first lecture in web 2.0 we looked at some of the functions of ICT in schools including pedagogical, economic/vocational, social and life-long learning. We all need to have an understanding of todays advancing technology in order to participate fully in society. We looked at terms such as digital divide, digital natives and digital immigrants and we also looked at the technological environment into which todays teenagers were born and raised. Todays teens are much more IT literate than the generation before and it is vital for parents and educators to educate themselves in order to keep up to speed with students. With the planned changes to the Junior Cycle Curriculum it is vital for teachers to engage in continuous professional development to provide their student with the best possible opportunities in the area of ICT.

So what is Web 2.0? Web 2.0 is a term coined by Tim O’Reilly which explains the move from the webs function as an information based medium to an interactive based medium. So instead of the internet users looking up information online they are now able to contribute their own ideas online also. The following video highlights the difference between web 1.0 and web 2.0.




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