A Blog A Day, keeps (me up late at night!!)

OK! So I started this blog as part of my masters module in web 2.0 back in September. As is probably evident from my fairly limited number of blog posts I haven’t exactly put my whole heart into it to date. There are a couple of reasons for this and I will briefly outline them now.

1. My laptop is a piece of junk and simply turning it on causes me actual physical pain. As per my blog dated 15th October I have ordered a very trendy and fairly nifty piece of kit, the Microsoft Surface RT which very irritatingly still hasn’t arrived!!

2. I live in the wilderness and my O2 student internet tongle really isn’t up to the job. I have to go to a specific part of the kitchen to just answer the phone so needless to say my internet connection is virtually non-existent. 

3. I’m not the most I.T. literate person in the world (probably why I chose web 2.0 as a module)!

4. Blogging seems a bit more formal than other forms of social media and it makes me cringe thinking that someone would read something I wrote and take it seriously.

But enough of the excuses, I need to bridge this digital divide and move from the realm of digital immigrant to, at the very least, digital competence!

So with the dawning of a new month I am setting myself a challenge……don don don…..to blog every day about something I.T./ masters related. 

Say a prayer my new tablet arrives soon or this could be a momentous failure!!

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